1. The Consultation/Valuation

We much prefer the term ‘consultation’ here, as we firmly believe our job is to offer a consultative approach to selling a home. This involves:

  1. Discussing the reasons for your move, and your priorities.
  2. Viewing your property with suggestions on how to best present your property to potential buyers.
  3. Understanding the current market conditions.
  4. Creating a personalised strategy to achieve the best price for your home, and presenting comparable evidence of similar sold properties nearby.

Remember, your home is unique, which means it should have a personalised strategy to ensure it appeals to your demographic of buyer, whilst exposing it to the largest audience possible.

Don’t be tempted to go with an agent based on the highest ‘marketing price’ but instruct on who you trust has the best process that will achieve a premium price, whilst delivering exceptional customer service, regular communication and negotiation skills.

2. Choosing an Estate Agent

A few questions you can ask yourself. Who do I feel most comfortable with? What did they do differently? Who did I feel most confident with? Who has the best marketing strategy? Where will my home be advertised? Who do I trust to look after my biggest asset?

Don’t tie yourself into long contracts; your agent should have confidence that they can sell your home and provide excellent service from the day you first meet them, to the day you complete the transaction.

3. Declutter and tidy up for viewings and photos/videos

Decluttering your home is so important and can have an enormous impact on saleability and price achieved which is why we attend all our marketing appointments alongside our professional photographers to help you stage your home.

To summarise, declutter, clean, and present your home to the best that you can to maximise the chance of getting the best price for your property.

4. Get the word out there

Boards are optional, but they can be a great tool to promote your home as many buyers move locally. Is your agent writing to the local neighbourhood to let them know your home will be coming on the market? Is everyone on the database being contacted to let them know about your home?

Then it needs to be launched on social media channels with paid advertising and posted into local groups, alongside the usual property portals Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket.

5. Viewings

Have your property ready as you did for photos, as show home ready as possible. If you have any pets, take them out and tidy away any evidence of dog beds. Ensure your agent is accompanying all your viewings as we are the professionals and more likely to get honest feedback without you there, so we would politely ask you to leave the home empty for us on viewing days.

After the viewing, your agent should provide you with feedback immediately via a call or your personal WhatsApp group, and then follow up 24-48 hours later.

6. Agreeing a sale and choosing the best buyer

You receive an offer for your home, so what happens next? The first thing to note is the highest offer is not always the best offer, your agent needs to advise you as to the reasons they have suggested that the buyer is best for you and why.

Make sure your agent has vetted your buyer financially, negotiated the best possible offer and knows about their buying position, for example are they first time buyers or are they involved in a chain, and has your agent carried out a thorough chain check? Is your buyer willing to work towards your chosen timescales and match your required needs?

These are all key questions and decisions which could impact your whole selling process if not done correctly.

7. Communication and sales progression

Try instructing your solicitor as early as possible to avoid delays, your agent should be able to help you fill out their forms if needed.

They should even be able to offer you a local, highly recommended solicitor who can help streamline the process. Ensure that your agent is in regular communication with all parties in the chain, including your buyers, other agents in the chain and solicitors.

Communication is key to ensure you move to a smooth exchange and completion, we find most of our clients prefer a designated Whatsapp group.

On completion day, your agent will arrange a key handover with you and the buyer.